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Pakistan Hajj Volunteers group is a non-governmental, non-political group with an aim to earn reward from Allah by serving Hujjaj as they perform Hajj. We provide support services to Hajj pilgrims through mobilization of Pakistani volunteers in association with Pakistan Hajj Mission & Pakistan Consulate Jeddah.

In year 2011, we successfully launched this campaign with 85 Pakistani volunteers who served hajies during 3 days round the clock in Mina. There were approximately 40,000 hajies served by this campaign, more than 2 thousands were guided to their tents and about 73 hajies were taken to hospitals for medical assistance. About 230 elder and needy hajies were served by wheelchairs.

In 2012, more than 190,000 pilgrim from Pakistan performed Hajj. And from 1.7 million Pakistanis living in Saudi Arabia, we aimed to gather, train and mobilize a bigger team of volunteers to serve the Pakistani Hajjies and we had a great success by recruiting more than 230 volunteers who worked day and night with high spirit and dedication.

To repeat this success, we plan to launch this project again in 2013 after the holy month of Ramadan of year 1434 H and we aim to gather a team of 1500 volunteers for this year.

Join us or support us for a great reward from Allah Subhanhu Wa T’ala.

Success Story

Pakistan Hajj Volunteer Group (PHVG),  is a volunteer service organization of Pakistani expatriates from all walks of life in Saudi Arabia. The operation commenced in 2011 with only 85 volunteers to provide help and guidance to pilgrims (Hujjaj) in Mina, since then the number has kept on increasing. The successful operation of PHVG has been supported and applauded by the Pakistani community and the government of Saudia Arabia. PHVG deployed more than 1,200 volunteers to serve pilgrims in Mina and other holy sites during 10th to 12th Dhul Hajj during Hajj 1434 (2013),1435 (2014) and 1436 (2015). During 2016, owing to unavoidable circumstances, PHVG was able to deploy about 600 Volunteers in Mina and planned number of volunteers for this year ( 2017 ) are more than 1,500. PHVG volunteers extended their services for pilgrims with the support of Pakistan Hajj Mission and some influential person from Pakistani community from Jeddah.

Every year PHVG mobilizes volunteers from various parts of the Kingdom and conducted several training sessions in order to fully prepare volunteers with necessary information and skills for effective performance of various services for pilgrims. Up to 7th Dhul Hajj, volunteers from Makkah are reaching to about 80,000 Pakistani pilgrims in their buildings and provided guidance for performance of rituals of Hajj and understanding of locations in Mina, Muzdalifa and Arafat.

During previous Hajj operations from 10th to 12 Dhul Hajj, teams of 12 to 15 volunteers were deployed at all key locations in Mina to assist pilgrims round the clock. More than 150,000 lost pilgrims were guided by dedicated volunteers towards their Makatab (Tents in Mina), whereas, hundreds of sick and elderly pilgrims were taken to their locations and hospitals with the help of wheelchairs.

One control room was set up, just outside Mina, in Aziza district of Makkah to provide guidance to volunteers and pilgrims with 24 hours help line numbers. It was fully equipped with South Asian Makatab maps, Pakistani pilgrim’s building maps in Makkah and emergency contact numbers to extend full support for pilgrims outside Mina as well.