Hajj Volunteer Program

  1. Awareness program to make Hajj easy and correct.
  2. Guidance in Mina, Muzdalifa and Jamarat in native languages to compliment other Hajj services groups.
  3. Provide guidance to Hujjaj from across the world by the use of electronic media.
  4. Enhance effectiveness & efficiency of other Hajj programs under Pakistan and Saudi Government through extending required support.

Resources Requirement

  • 2400 Volunteers Recruitment.
  • 200 Key Volunteers to lead Plan 2019.
  • Legal Framework.
  • Transport, Food and accommodation for volunteers.
  • Awareness Material Production.
  • Training Program for Volunteers.
  • Communication Devices for volunteers i.e. mobile phones, GPS etc.
  • Financial Resources to execute agreed activities.

Expectations from Volunteers

  • Attend 2 training sessions of 2 hours each as per the announced schedule before Hajj.
  • Serve the pilgrims during the period of their stay in Mina and Muzdalifa specifically from 10th to 12th of Dhul Hijjah.
  • Volunteers will work in 10-12 hours shifts mainly at various outdoor service points.


PHVG Contribution

PHVG will provide the following in collaboration with Pakistan Hajj Mission Jeddah:

  • Official Permission to enter Mina and Muzdalifa as volunteers.
  • Basic Training and required tools such as maps, information guides, contact list, etc.
  • Jacket and cap as a uniform.
  • Bus Transportation from Jeddah/Riyadh/Dammam to Mina and back.
  • Economical standard accommodation and food in Azizia (Makkah Al Mukarramah)
  • PHVG experience certificate.