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Hajj program

  1. Awareness program to make Hajj easy and correct.
  2. Guidance in Mina, Arafat, Mudalifa, Jamarat in native languages to compliment other Hajj services groups.
  3. Enhance effectiveness & efficiency of other Hajj programs under Pakistan and Saudi Government through extending required support.

Resources Requirement

  • 3,000 Volunteers Recruitment
  • 200 Key Volunteers to lead Plan 2016
  • Legal Framework
  • Transport, Food and accommodation for volunteers
  • TV Screens for each building (140)
  • Awareness Material Production
  • Training Program for Volunteers
  • Communication Devices for volunteers i.e. mobile phones, GPS etc.
  • Financial Resources to execute agreed activities

Expectations from Volunteers

  • Attend 2 training sessions of 2 hours each on Thursday evenings in September
  • Serve the pilgrims during the period of their stay in Mina, Arafat, and Mudalifa specifically from 9th to 12th of Dhul Hijja
  • Volunteers will work in 12 hours shifts mainly at various outdoor service points

PHVG Contribution

PHVG will provide the following in collaboration with Pakistan Hajj Mission:

  • Official Permission to enter Mina, Arafat and Mudalifa as volunteers
  • Basic Training and required tools such as mobile phone, maps, information guides, contact list, etc.
  • Jacket and cap as a uniform
  • Bus Transportation from Jeddah to Mina and back
  • Economical standard accommodation and food in Makkah Azizyah
  • Experience certificate